Origin of Bubble Waffle

Bubble Waffle is a traditional street snack originally from Hong Kong. It is said to have appeared in Hong Kong in the 1950s.  The most representative traditional street food.
The bubble waffle is made with eggs, sugar, flour, evaporated milk, etc., poured in the middle of two special honeycomb iron templates, and placed on the fire and baked. The bubble waffle comes out golden yellow, with the aroma of cake, and the middle is half empty, crispy outside and the taste is particularly elastic when bitten.  However, with the evolution of modernization, it has generally begun to replace the charcoal burning flavor with an electronic oven.
In 2015, Egg Waffle was successfully selected as a Michelin snack. HKS wish to brought this Hong Kong's most representative snack to New Zealand to share the sweetness with you!


Hong Kong Station (HKS), was founded in 2018 by two ladies from Hong Kong at the center of Auckland. It introduces Hong Kong local street food into New Zealand, It specializes in Bubble Waffles, Checkered Waffles, Hong Kong-style milk tea, and customized bubble-waffle ice cream and so on, this is also our childhood.
In keeping with the traditional craftsmanship and combined with modern and innovative methods, we launched a variety of sweet, salty, spicy bubble waffles and other Hong Kong street food.
We also thinking of our guests, observe carefully, and treat every customer.

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